Some Really Big Mistakes You’re Doing With Your A/C

Thanks to the unbearable heat gifted to us by the ever prominent global warming, air conditioners are becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Nonetheless, air conditioners still remain an expensive asset, both to buy and to maintain. But this is also because there might be some things you’re doing wrong – read on to find out what they are!

  • You haven’t changed the filters since… never – this is the biggest mistake you could be probably be doing. Technicians advise to replace the filters of your air conditioner at least every three months, and every month if you’re the type to keep your air conditioner up and running all the time with professional electrician at Brisbane Northside.

If you slack on replacing your filters, the filters will accumulate dirt, and in turn, this can have a negative health effect on you. How? Well, simply because dirty filters lead to poor air flow and also are a haven for allergens and pathogens of all kinds.

Furthermore, you also risk running into electrical repairs because dirty filters can freeze up the evaporator coil. And there’s even more downsides – dirty coils shorten the overall lifespan of your A/C and add five to fifteen percent to your electricity bills! Couldn’t get any worse right? Then you better replace those filters!

  • You didn’t get you’re A/C serviced at all – technicians recommend that you service your air conditioner units on an annual basis. Under servicing, cleaning the coils and fins of your air conditioner, even replacing the filters and other similar cleaning operations are done. This is all in order to ensure that your air conditioner functions smoothly and efficiently. You can do a service yourself by looking up for cleaning videos online, or you can leave the job to professionals by contracting an air conditioner service!services/canx.
  • What do you mean, a programmable thermostat? – If, when installing your air conditioner unit, your technician did not mention a installing a programmable thermostat (which is highly unlikely – you most likely forgot to!), you’ve been wronged quite grossly. Installing a programmable thermostat is a must – especially if you forget to adjust the temperature for when you leave your home (but even if you don’t forget, it’s recommended you install one). Thanks to smart technology nowadays, you can also install an app which lets you remotely adjust the temperature – sweet deal, no?
  • You’re not maximising the use of the fans – just because you have an air conditioner at home, this does not equal to saying you should only rely on the A/C. In fact, it’s a bad idea to do so. If your home has fans installed – especially ceiling fans – it’s recommended that you also put them to use simultaneously. It’s not a waste of electricity – rather, fans allow the better circulation of air, and thereby can bring down the electricity bills for your A/C.